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Philsophy of Education

My teaching philosophy is largely traditional.  I believe that a teacher should be the central authority in the classroom.  Although I believe that classrooms generally opperate best when students are included to some degree in the classroom decisions, I feel that children need solid, consistent guidance and direction.  I believe that classroom management problems are best dealt with proactively, and curricular choices best made by the teacher with consideration for provincial standards and individual student needs.  I have learned that a student connection with the teacher can be highly effective in establishing and maintaining motivation and discipline; a good teacher is responsible for much more than classroom instruction.

My Speciality Areas

I am Alberta certified to teach all grades from kindergarten through 12th grade, however my specialties are in the arts and humanities.  I have training in art education and an undergraduate degree in history and political science.

My Passions

I am deeply committed to learning and read constantly from a wide variety of disciplines.  There's no question I have a love for teaching and have been blessed with the gifts every teacher needs — patience, imagination, inquiry, and compassion.  I also love art and have equally been blessed with talent in the arts.  Whether it is a true artistic discipline such as painting or sketching, or even just a crafty hobby like knitting & scrapbooking, I love to keep my hands and mind busy creating and learning.