Artist Bio

Sarah Jane Whyte

I grew up drawing for hours at a time. I remember setting up my stuffed animals on the coffee table and drawing them, hair by hair, for days until they were complete. Later I played with watercolors and landscapes, but never did I have any formal instruction. A couple of friends in college studied art, but I never allowed myself the “frivolous” luxury of joining them.

I was convinced that there was no living to be made in the field, and told myself that I could be content as a hobbyist. I WAS content as a hobbyist for a long time, until a few years ago when I took a job in Arizona teaching art in an elementary/middle school. Suddenly I had a studio, and access to materials, and found myself spending hours and days in my classroom over school breaks, painting and experimenting. When we moved back to Canada and I was unable to find regular teaching work, I spent a year teaching myself how to use acrylics, and pushing myself with drawing and watercolors. I now know that I was finding my passion that year, and that no matter what else I do, I am an artist. I have an innate need to create, and am desperate to pursue that drive.

I have very diverse artistic interests, from realism to abstract, watercolor to acrylics and mixed media, doodling to illustration. Trying new things excites and energizes me, and I dream of doing it all.  For now, however, I have moved in the direction of digital, vector art as I pursue surface pattern design.  Please visit to view and/or purchase my designs on fabric, gift wrap, and wallpaper.  My artwork is also available on and, both under sarahjwhyte.