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The Delicate Depths

Hey flower enthusiasts and garden lovers! Dive right into “The Delicate Depths,” my latest ode to the unsung heroes of our backyards – those blooms that steal our hearts one petal at a time. Captured on a 24×18″ sheet of Arches Rough paper, this dahlia isn’t just flaunting its rosy hue; it’s inviting you into a world of intricate details that often escape our hurried glances.

You know those moments in the garden, mug of coffee in hand, where the morning sun hits just right, revealing the soft textures and layered dance of a bloom? That’s where this painting takes you. A close-up peek into the heart of a dahlia, reminding us all to slow down, breathe in, and cherish the natural wonders right under our noses.

For every green thumb, balcony pot-planter, or anyone who simply stops to smell the flowers, “The Delicate Depths” is a bit of that fleeting garden magic, ready to hang on your wall. Because, let’s be real, who doesn’t need a daily dose of floral fabulousness? πŸŒΈπŸŽ¨πŸƒ


Original Size: 24×18”

Medium: Watercolor on Arches Rough paper

CAD: Canadian dollar ($)

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1 in stock

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