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“Giggles” Dahlia

“Giggles Dahlia” is a luminous ode to the joy and vibrancy of floral splendour. This large-scale watercolor painting portrays a single dahlia in full bloom, with petals that dance between shades of pink and coral, capturing the flower’s dynamic essence. Created on premium Arches Rough paper with the luminous pigments of Holbein paints, the artwork’s rich texture and color gradations are brought to life, giving the viewer a sense of the dahlia’s playful movement—as if it’s laughing in the breeze. The painting’s vivid detail and exuberant hues make it a cheerful statement piece that radiates happiness. 🌸🎨🍃

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Original Size: 24×18”

Medium: Watercolor on Arches Rough paper, Holbein paints

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1 in stock

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