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Kersey Cottages

Wanderlusts and lovers of quaint corners, this one’s for you! Straight from the charming lanes of Kersey in Suffolk, England, here’s a watercolor moment that captures the heart of this picturesque village. Painted in a line-and-wash style, this travel sketch invites you on a journey through time, highlighting a row of timeless cottages, each with its own tale to tell.

The delicate lines detail the rustic textures of the cottages, while the washes bring to life the mellow hues and soft shadows that dance across their facades. It’s easy to imagine the gentle hum of daily life, the whiff of freshly baked bread, and perhaps the distant sound of laughter echoing through the streets.

Whether you’ve strolled through Kersey yourself, dream of visiting one day, or simply appreciate the cozy warmth of English hamlets, “Kersey Cottages” is a slice of that dreamy, pastoral world. Bring this sketch into your space, and let it transport you to afternoon tea times, cobblestone wanderings, and the serene beauty of Suffolk’s countryside. Cheers to the journey! 🖌️🏡🍃


Original Size: 8×8”

Medium: Watercolor on Arches Rough paper

CAD: Canadian dollar ($)

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1 in stock

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