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La Placita

Experience the vibrant pulse of Cuba with a travel sketch that captures the very essence of Cuban streets – where history, culture, and daily life seamlessly intertwine. This piece is a journey to a bustling fruit store, where the scent of ripe mangoes and guavas dances in the air and the local chatter feels like a familiar song.

But what truly sets this scene apart is the bold mural on the fruit store’s concrete wall – Che Guevara against the backdrop of a Cuban flag. The line-and-wash style breathes life into the revolutionary leader’s portrait as he watches over the street, a silent guardian of its tales and secrets.

For those who have walked the streets of Cuba, or for those who dream of it, “La Placita” is more than just a sketch. It’s a testament to a place where stories are painted on walls, and memories are etched in vibrant hues. 🍉🎨🇨🇺


Original Size: 8×8”

Medium: Watercolor on Arches Rough paper

CAD: Canadian dollar ($)

Price (includes S&H):


1 in stock

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