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Summer Hush

“Summer Hush” is a tranquil portrayal of the serene and subtle beauty found in a summer garden. This generous watercolor painting presents a lush array of hydrangeas, their blossoms intermingling in delicate shades of pinks and purples. The artwork is meticulously crafted on premium Saunders Waterford cold press paper, a choice that imparts a fine texture and depth to the composition. Employing the rich and lasting pigments of Holbein paints, each petal and leaf is brought to vivid life with a soft, almost whispered presence. The piece embodies the quiet moment of a warm summer’s day, where flowers speak in hushed tones of colour and light.

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Original Size: 16×12”

Medium: Watercolor on Saunders Waterford cold press paper, Holbein paints.

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1 in stock

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