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Twin Beech

“Twin Beech” is a vibrant, original 12×9″ painting depicting the historic Beechcraft Model 18 airplane, soaring over a picturesque west coast harbour. This unique watercolor is a fitting tribute to an iconic aircraft that served both military and commercial roles, embodying the relentless human pursuit of exploration and advancement. Below, the harbour is suggested in soft hues of blues, greys, and ochres, reflecting a tranquil coastal charm. Above, the sky transitions from pale azure to deep twilight blue, dotted with wisps of cirrus clouds. With its striking realism, the painting’s visual narrative seamlessly marries humanity’s mechanical genius with the sheer, awe-inspiring beauty of nature, taking the viewer on a transcendent journey back in time.

Also available in giclée prints.


Original Size: 9×12”

Medium: Watercolor 140lb cold press paper

CAD: Canadian dollar ($)

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1 in stock

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