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Green Sea Turtle

The green sea turtle, known in the books as the Chelonia mydas, is one of the most unique sea turtles native to warm, tropical waters. The largest green sea turtle ever recorded was 5 feet long and 871 pounds; their lifespan is estimated to be 70 to 80 years old at the minimum. Geographically, green sea turtles are found anywhere globally with warm subtropical and tropical ocean waters, with nesting occurring in over 80 countries.
Green sea turtles are considered to be endangered. There are several threats by humans that harm the green sea turtle population. The largest loss of life to the green sea turtle is attributed to “bycatch,” which occurs when sea turtles are caught by netting for shrimp and other fish. Overharvesting and illegal trade are the second most harmful practices to the green sea turtle. Lastly, habitat loss deeply impacts the green sea turtle population. Coastal development, unmonitored beach traffic, and other invasive human activities contribute to a massive environmental loss, and climate change and global warming affect multiple aspects of the green sea turtle’s environment. 
This watercolor painting is a special celebration of an endangered species. Also available in prints.

Original Size: 14×10”

Medium: Watercolor with metallic accents on 140lb Arches cold press paper

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