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Pollen Party

Hey there, nature lovers! Dive into this vibrant scene of a honeybee chillin’ on an apple blossom. Crafted on 18×24″ Arches Rough paper, this isn’t just your average bee – I’ve poured love into painting every tiny hair and wing detail, making sure this little pollinator steals the show.

It’s a sweet little shoutout to our bee buddies who, by the way, are the behind-the-scenes heroes of our big, green world. They’re like the cool DJs of nature, keeping things lively and making sure all our favorite fruits and flowers keep popping up season after season.

Eco-conscious? Then you get it. This painting is all about celebrating those tiny moments in nature that make a big impact. Let this be a splash of color in your space that reminds you of the groovy dance between the critters and humanity. Let’s keep the good vibes flowing and our planet buzzing! 🐝🌸


Original Size: 18×24”

Medium: Watercolor on Arches Rough paper

CAD: Canadian dollar ($)

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1 in stock

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